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What are Wills?

Wills (also known as Last Will and Testament) are statements from individuals about how their property should be distributed upon their death. In order for wills to be valid, formalities must be followed in its creation and signing.

Absent any instruction from you, the state in which you reside will determine how to distribute property according to the laws of that state.

In Texas, the rules for distributing property follow a complex system. This system is greatly complicated by the fact that many people don’t fit into the complex and strict structure offered by the rules:

  • What if you've been divorced?
  • What if you don't get along with your parents?
  • What if your children need special care?
  • What if you think your brother who is less wealthy and clean cut than your sister would make a better guardian for your kids?
  • What if you haven’t found the courage to tell your family what you really want to do with your property should the unthinkable happen?
  • What if you have good reasons to disinherit a certain family member?

Further complications arise from the world we live in.

One example lies in the problem of administering an estate. Because there are no clear instruction from deceased persons who didn’t leave wills, a court will be forced to exercise more oversight over an estate to make sure that no one can contest the proceedings at a later date. Title insurance companies have strict requirements even above and beyond what local probate judges require before real property (your home) can be sold.

A legion of problems are resolved by simply leaving properly drafted and executed wills and estate plans.

The truth of the matter is that rarely do the laws set up by the government for the general public line up with your actual desires in your specific life. The best solution is to have active wills and estate plans that you regularly update as your life and circumstances change.

This is best done through counseling with a qualified attorney who can show you the way the state’s rules would apply to your situation, determine your actual desires, bring up issues you hadn’t thought of, and then craft a plan that fulfills your needs while still maintaining the integrity of your wishes.

The legacy you leave behind is how you’ll be remembered in the world. Begin today by discussing with an attorney your needs and wishes! If you are in the McKinney, Texas area, we would be happy to walk you through a plan that works for you. Call us today!
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My name is Charlie and I am the owner of The Malolo Law Firm, PLLC. Our firm has been serving North Texas for the past five years, practicing estate planning, including wills and trusts.

At our firm, Wills include Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, and HIPAA Release, in addition to the Will.

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