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What is a deed?

A deed is the way we transfer real property. Deeds are effective upon signing, but must be recorded in the county where the property is located to give notice to the world that the transfer has been made.  County tax offices use deeds to determine ownership for property tax reasons.  At the Malolo Law Firm, we regularly help our clients keep all real property properly titled through well prepared deeds.

Why do I need a deed?

The preparation and recording of a new deed is the way to accomplish all these tasks:



  • Are you looking to change the name on a deed?
  • Do you need to get your house into your living trust?
  • Do you want to buy real property in the name of a business?
  • Do you want to give your house to your son?
  • Would you like to get your ex-spouse’s name off of the title of your house?

Can I do my own deed?

As with most things in the law, the answer is yes, but you probably shouldn’t.  A well prepared deed requires careful selection of words for the following:

  • Grantors, grantees (the people involved)
  • Consideration (reason for seller to give the property, usually the money)
  • Restrictions (restrictions on the person getting the deed)
  • Exceptions (things not being given in the deed)
  • Legal description of the property

And that is just the start. It is almost always advisable to have an attorney prepare a new deed for you to make sure that your property is transferred properly.

How can the Malolo Law Firm help?

Our deed preparation process takes you from start to finish within 3 business days. We meet with you over the phone or through a short deed consultation to gather the needed information about your situation and to schedule a signing.  Within 2 business days, your deed will be drafted and ready for you to come in to sign.

After your signing, we record your deed immediately electronically for most Texas counties. If the county accepts electronic recording through our system, your deed should be ready the next business day after your signing.

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